Fire Facts

Death Toll:
U.S. property losses from all natural disasters combined (floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.) average a fraction of the losses from fire. Death rates from fire are 20 times as high. Each year, on average there are:

* 5,300 Deaths
* 29,000 Injuries
* $9,400,000,000 Property Loss
* 2,400,000 “Reported” Fires
* 13,000,000 “Unreported” fires (estimate)

Fire Spread:
Fire spreads with amazing speed. You only have 2 to 3 minutes to extinguish a fire before it grows out of control! It takes time to reach 911 and dispatch the fire department. Distance, traffic, rain, snow and ice are all factors which can slow the arrival of help. Also, 80% of all fireman are volunteers, each of whom must first be contacted and then have to travel from their respective locations (home, work, etc.) to the scene of the fire. It takes time.

* 3 to 4 minutes – a fire can totally involve a house
* 5 to 10 minutes – a mobile home can burn to the ground
* 4 to 20 minutes – range of 911 response times

Leading causes of Fires:
21% Heating

19% Cooking
13% Arson (includes fires started by children)
18% Unknown
29% Other (appliances, electrical, et.)
23.7% Cooking Area (includes grilling areas)
12.2% Sleeping Area
8.1% Lounge Area
4.4% Laundry Room
9.7% Chimney
4.9% Unknown

Fire Extinguishers:
Class Agent Type Fire
A Water Ordinary Combustibles: wood, paper, clothes
B Chemical Flammable Liquids: oil, grease, gasoline
C Chemical Electrical equipment