Employment and Roster

Fire Department

Employment and Roster

Employment Opportunities

The Abrams Fire Department is made up of volunteer personnel, who are residents of our local community. We are a group of men and women who do ordinary jobs, but are ready to go at the moment a call comes in. When the call comes in, we become part of a dedicated team ready to face any emergency.

What Are the Minimum Requirements?
Must have a valid drivers license. A valid Wisconsin drivers license is required for initial employment and must be maintained while an employee.
Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
Must be physically able to perform the duties of a firefighter.
Must possess and/or be able to acquire firefighter certification as mandated by the State of Wisconsin

Junior Fire Fighter Program
Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.
Are willing to learn Firefighting tatics.
Attend monthly meetings.
Be willing to help others in the time of need.
Have a good attitude towards others.

Abrams Fire Auxillary
The Abrams Fire Department are always looking for residents of Abrams that would like to help the Fire Department with fund rasiers, and other events. The Abrams Fire Auxillary meets up once a month. If you are interested in join please call the fire station and leave a message. We would like any help that comes our way.

Looking to join Abrams Fire Department??

Please call: (920) 826-5555 and leave a message for us to call you back.


Below are the names of your local neighbors who volunteer there time, and put themselves into harms way.

Chief John Ferfecki
Asst. Chief Rick Race
Captain Todd Fontaine
Training Officer Phil Wolfgram / Bob Heroux
Safety Officers Jeff Herzog

Cal Berg
Casey Boltnevitz
Bret Bursa
Nick Gering
Eric Kurth
Chris Harrington
Jon Herzog
Cole LaCount
DJ Perrault
LouAnn Rogers
Ray Rybka
Joe Sobieski
Phil Wolfgram

Danielle Bursa
Hailey Ferfecki
Hanna Fontaine