Typical Questions

If the Fire Department comes to my house will I get billed?
No, the Abrams Fire Department does not bill anyone for a Emergency/Service call. Even if you just want us to come and check your Smoke/CO2 detectors we will never send you a bill. You pay for are services through your taxes.

Sometimes I see the fire trucks driving around with only one firefighter inside?
Twice a month between calls we have firefighters that are assigned with going through every truck, and piece of equipment that we have, to make sure they are in good working order and ready for the next call. This includes driving the fire trucks to make sure they are also in good working order.

Sometimes I see the fire trucks driving around with no lights or sirens?
This might be because we are returning from a call, or that we were asked to not respond to a call with lights and sirens. Example: A resident’s CO2 detector keeps going off, but he doesn’t want to wake his neighbors up. He can ask the dispatcher to request the fire department to respond with no lights and sirens.

Where is my closest fire hydrant?
The Town of Abrams does not have hydrants at this time, this is why we have two water tenders to shuttle water from a fill site to the fire scene.

Do you offer CPR Classes?
The department does not sponsor any CPR classes through the town. We do have contacts for other people in the immediate area who can teach classes. Call the fire station and leave a message about taking a CPR class, with your name and number so we may call you back.

Do you offer instructions on how to properly install a car set?
No we do not, but you can go to http://www.SafeKids.com to find infromation on this topic.

How often should I change my smoke alarm battery?
You should replace you smoke detector batteries once a year at least and or follow your manufacturers instructions for replacement. Usually the reminder is in the spring or fall when we set our clocks back that you change your batteries. October is fire prevention month and this is also a reminder to change your batteries in the fall. You should test your smoke detector once a month to make sure it is working properly. If your detector is set off constantly by cooking, it will wear out the batteries sooner and you will need to replace them sooner. A chirping sound or constant beep usually indicate low batteries, but models differ from one another. The bottom line is that you have one and change the battery at least once a year. More information can be found at the following link for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How often should I replace my smoke alarm?
Each manufacturer is different for these products. It has been recommended in the past that every 10 years you should replace your smoke detector. In recent years some manufacturers have recommended every 6 years. Please refer to your manual that came with your smoke detector or visit the companies web site. More information can be found at the following link for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/5077.html

Can I bring my child in to see the fire trucks?
If you would like a tour of the fire station please call the Abrams Fire Department and leave a message for us to reach you and set up a time. If you happen to be walking by the station and see cars in the parking lot or the bay doors up you can stop in and see if we have someone available to give you a tour. We are happy to accommodate you in most cases except if we are in the middle of a training exercise or an emergency situation where we can’t spare anyone. If this is the case, we will take your name and telephone number and give you a call and schedule a time with you.

Does the fire department fill swimming pools?
Call the Abrams Fire Department about this issue, and leave a message of what size of pool that you have, we will return your message, and let you know what your possibilites are.

What type of smoke alarm/CO Detector does the Fire Department recommend?
The department does not recommend or endorse any particular brand of smoke detector or Carbon Monoxide detectors. You need to remember that in partial, you get what you pay for. Many different brands are available on the market today and vary in costs. The goal is to have one in working order – period!

How do I know which fire department will respond to my address?
This depends on where you live. All residents of the Town of Abrams receive fire services from the station located at “5844 Oak Orchard Rd.” You may call the fire department and leave a message, and we will call you back.

Are you hiring? How can I become a firefighter?
The fire department is always seeking qualified applicants that can help the community. To learn more about the requirements of becoming a firefighter for the Town of Abrams please click on the (Employment Tab). Or call the Abrams Fire Department.

How long will it take the fire department to respond to my emergency?
Our fire station is located at 5844 Oak Orchard Rd. in the Town of Abrams located centrally in the southern half of the township. From here we respond to all calls. Response times vary depending on personnel available at the time, time of day, traffic and weather conditions, etc. We strive to get to your call for help as quickly and safely as possible to help you out.

Why are the Severe Weather Sirens going off?
The Severe Weather sirens sound for testing purposes on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM. We also sound when severe weather is present in the immediate area, which means TAKE COVER. Testing does not occur when severe weather is present to avoid confusion.

My Carbon Monoxide Alarm is sounding. What should I do?
Call 911 and report what is happening. Immediately leave your residence and wait for the fire department to arrive. Once there we will send in a team with special monitoring equipment, which will take air readings and determine the appropriate action at that time. For more information on Carbon Monoxide and signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning please click on this link to Consumers Energy and click on the link to Carbon Monoxide Information on the top left side of the page. http://www.consumersenergy.com/welcome.htm

I had a fire at my residence last week — How do I go about getting a copy of the Incident Report for my insurance company?
Call the fire station (920) 826-5555 and leave a message requesting a copy of the report.

I got into a accident, and a fire truck showed up?
Sometimes you will see a Fire truck at the scene of a accident to help protect the EMS “Emergency Medical Services” crew that is coming on scene. Also the fire department looks for any leakages to help protect the enviroment from any nasty chemicals that might have leaked out.

Any other Questions call the Abrams Fire Department with a message.